Who is Jeremy Langhams.. I mean Langhans? #ATCSM

My last blog we looked into how social media and the data associated with it can benefit your organisation. My victim was Craig Fisher who will be presenting at this years Australian Talent Conference – Recruitment Re-Invented. We learnt a fair bit about Craig in that post, and our next victim also speaking at #ATCSM is Jeremy ‘Jer’ Langhans.

So who is Jeremy Langhans? Well right off the bat, he has a very cool LinkedIn handle which isn’t his name but ‘DigitalFunk’. I like him already. A quick look at his profile shows that he has worked for major players across many industry sectors. His picture, shows that he is a dad and if you look close enough what looks to be a small white dog.. ok, he’s losing me already. Either he or his partner likes European styling..check out the drawers..but lets go a little further..

Where can you find Jer? YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter (ranked 413,220 in twitaholic), various blogs, and media articles such as this recent piece in the AFR. Flickr, FourSquare although just a profile, G+… and what does my digging find?

He or a family member seems to like the martial arts and/or Parkour.. this accounts for the dog so you are back in the good books Jer! Jeremy prefers Autobots over Decepticons (he’s a nice guy), follows the Seahawks, and has taken time out to be with us and away from his newly arrived daughter. Its nice to get away every now and then Jeremy. It would appear his music taste extends to artists such as Tiesto and he or his family lives up to the whole Americans love their bacon theme… check this out.

Jeremy has been talking technology and recruitment for a Loooooooonnng time. So long, even some of the pages are no longer available! What I can find dates back to o5/06 where he’s having a chat to Australia’s own Michael Specht Check out this post in 07 on Social which just goes to show just how far ahead of the game he is. He follows me on Twitter!!! Dude, i’m your best friend now.. haha.. likes Chris Rock.. maybe even voted Obama.

Now if I had more time, I’ve spent an hour on this already… I’m sure we would find more juicy information on our man Jeremy Langhans. So what can I draw from all this in 1 hour?

Jeremy is a family man, his media profile indicates someone who is very positive, grateful, loyal, and not afraid to challenge others opinion or express his own. He has a sense of humour, and loves his food and sport. The guy loves his technology, understands how to sell ROI to get buy-in.

If you wanted to recruit him what would you or I do? You could appeal to his sporting senses as there is nothing like relationship building over beer and bacon at a game. Attend Recruitment/Technology events, you might find him speaking or just attending. Chris Rock might be appearing in town, take him along. Reach out and engage him through his many channels, probably the cheapest and easiest avenue.

Where would you advertise? Social Media sites, Technology sites, sites which have children programs or perhaps in the local press. You know roughly where he lives, if you have the resources maybe even a traditional letter box drop in the area…

If you’re interviewing him, you might be appealing to his family values, offering a better work/life balance or benefits which extend out to his family. You would have him meet the senior people and technology leaders within your organisation prior to hiring him so he can fully appreciate the scope of work and challenges…

Some people would engage a Head Hunter to find someone like Jeremy, pay X amount in fees which could be better served employing a data miner/analyst or improving your own social media strategy or team development. Sure, not all people are on Social Media but you can bet your bottom dollar that someone on Social Media could refer you to those that aren’t.

Can you or your company afford not to get involved in digital media? Want to learn more about it then check out the upcoming #ATCSM or follow the #ATCSM on Dec 4th & 5th.

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