The age of Aquarius

I’m living with my in-laws with limited internet connectivity, my second son has arrived just three weeks ago and my partner and I are about to undertake some house renovations hence the dossing at the in-laws. Life as of late has been rather busy.

Work on the other hand has been very interesting. After my last blog, the market here in Australia stalled somewhat, and we unfortunately lost half the recruitment team. Now its a case of doing more with nothing..not less! Cue business planning for the coming financial year. 

So what does 2013 have install for me? Opportunity to truly impact our business in relation to talent attraction and engagement through the basics. 

Part of this is to make the recruitment team more available to talent. I thought this would be easy to do, get a phone number on the careers page or contact page of the corporate site. Allow potential applicants to directly engage the recruitment team! Only one other competitor currently does this. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Here we are complaining about not having talent, whilst preventing them from contacting us by the good old telephone! I’ll let you know how I get on, but so far it looks like a road block.

Transparency of process. My aim here is to provide prospective talent with a better understanding of our recruitment process. Our focus on culture and values over technical skills, the actual process and a commitment to customer service such as those offered and expected at 5 star hotels around the world. My career began as a Night Porter at what was the Parkroyal Perth. 

Educate the business in relation to hiring skill improvement, interview etiquette  and something called transferable skills. Hiring for cultural fit, succession, and capability. Educate our recruiters about the business. Great to know about the roles with which you recruit, but to truly understand how the business operates will provide far more benefit to the candidate, and the recruiter.

Shift our reliance away from Job Boards such as SEEK, LinkedIn, Referrals and Agency. Whats that you say, Linkedin and Referrals! Am I mad? Perhaps I really am sleep deprived. But here me out. These are the only current avenues with which we recruit from. We have no other presence and its unlikely we’ll get any budget to truly engage with prospective talent even though the business is pushing for a more proactive resourcing function. 

I’m also aiming to have in place by years end several talent communities across a handful of disciplines in both White & Blue Collar roles. This might be difficult to do with the reduced resources in our team, but with a bit of planning and organisation we will get it going and be able to demonstrate some success to hopefully get recognition for resulting in an increase in budget allocation. 

Replacing out ATS. We are paying for what I consider to be a VHS product in an age of Blue Ray. And its basically the same price. I mean seriously having to pay for an enhancement such as having access to candidate history once a position is closed or filled… come on. No email parsing. Hello…… 

All this with less budget, less people and increasing workloads. Who says I dont love a challenge. 

Stay tuned… hopefully the next blog wont be to far off.. baby crying.. gotta run!

One thought on “The age of Aquarius

  1. Hi Stan,
    First off – congrats on the new addition to the family!!

    Second, I think everything that you’re doing makes sense. Allow people to get in touch in a candidate short market just sounds like the normal thing to do!

    Building talent communities for the future will definitely provide a place for others to connect and converse without it being all about recruitment – I truly believe that this is the way of the future!

    I think the ATS has to go but also recognize that with the size of some recruitment teams and numbers of hires this is going to take a long time and I’m not sure what the alternative solution will be. We need to be able to report and keep track and we need to be able to know where we’re at with things….maybe we still use the system but we change recruiter behaviours and candidates experiences so that they don’t feel like they are in the process. i.e.: language like screening, 1st and 2nd round interview etc….. it’s just such a machine mechanism! Lots of work for you to do but along with things like this comes a lot of learnings which is always a good thing! Good luck

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