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Sometimes you have to move mountains…

Tues 23 – Thur 25 June will see a cast and crew of a few hundred assemble in Sydney for the Australian Talent Conference 2015.  HR/Recruitment/”Insert Alternative Title here” professionals will Swarm into the Sydney Hilton for this much anticipated annual event.

This years title track is ‘Recruitment is Marketing’. It’s an interesting track title to me personally as I look towards a potential qualification in Marketing to boost my employability and more importantly my experience. What’s really exciting about this is that it will be the first time I present at an ATC event. I’ve taken away so much from ATC over the years, and finally I get the opportunity to give a little something back.

And, what a way to do it! I am moving a mountain, bringing a mountain, to ATC2015 in my presentation. I was introduced to Oculus Rift during ATC2014 just prior to my commencement with Barminco. Thanks to Paul Jacobs, and ATC, Oculus has been introduced to Barminco and in partnership with Immersive Technologies, there is now a practical application for this very cool technology. I’m not going to spoil things, so drop by and say hi, my session is on Thursday at 1500.


Oculus is one piece of technology that I have been lucky enough to help implement with an employer. Other technologies ATC has introduced and I have managed to adopt include Avature, SEERA, and LiveHire. If you are not into technology, the speakers are amazing and the takeaways are even better. No, not bags of goodies. Those little pieces of advice, and insights from guest speakers, attendees, sponsors, and even those following on social media.

If this is your first ATC, get involved. Great friendships to be made, stories to be told, lessons to be learnt. If you have never been, then put it on your must attend list for 2016 or alternatively check out one of their other annual events.

There’s just too much goodness to be missed.

See you soon peeps.


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