Recruitment Marketing Advisory

Recruitment Marketing Advisory

Recruitment marketing and advertising is a huge cost to employers as you try to attract the best talent for your business. 

It's not as simple as having a career site, posting a job, and using LinkedIn. We wish it was. There's a plethora of channels to work with, some are hugely expensive whilst others are FREE. Qi Talent can help you better understand the world of digital marketing and how you leverage it to fill your candidate funnel. 

We've been part of a team which won Fairfax  Best Graduate Recruitment Campaign, and also a recipient of the Inaugural Asia Pacific Candidate Experience Awards. We understand what candidates want and how you need to be attracting them. 

Questions to ask

Where do you spend your budget? Are you getting the best return on investment? Is the candidate experience turning people away? What can you be doing to ensure you find and attract the best quality people to keep your candidate funnel full? These are just some of the questions Qi Talent Solutions can help you with.

We’ll review your current career site, job advertisements and social presence to determine what works, what needs tweaking, and where you need to invest more.


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