ATC Social Media Syd Dec 4th & 5th

So does absence make the heart grow fonder? Or have you found more enjoyable blogs to satisfy your blog diet?

In a few weeks time, 4th & 5th December to be exact, The Australian Talent Conference hosts it annual Social Media Conference in Sydney. Pundits from across Australia and the world gather to discuss technology, it benefits, its limitations, the challenges, and basically Nirvana when it comes to what we all want but can’t have.

This year we see Bill Boorman return to inject some effervescence as he does with the well known #Tru events. Bill is rated by some as one of the top 5 On-Line Recruiters in the world. Thats pretty impressive if you ask me. Other head liners include the US contingent of Craig Fisher, Partner Ajax Social Media, and Jeremy Langhans of Expedia. Two must see, must hear, professionals to take as many notes as possible from, or perhaps record. Bring one of those fancy pen recorders.

Locally, Tanyth Lloyd Brown – Deloitte, Jo Dellicott – SKM, Kirsti Grant – SocialSauce (Kirsti is from NZ and thats local), Justin Robinson – LODE, David Als – Origin Energy, Jared Woods – Working Social, and Kevin Wheeler (adopted local and wine enthusiast) bring a wealth of experience, knowledge to lust over.

So what this blog about? Well an introduction to a series of blogs on the topic of social media leading up to ATC Social Media Syd ’13.

For me, Social Media is a major component of our attraction, engagement, and branding strategy. Without it, we are the C64, the fax machine, the BETA video in the modern era.

The challenges the vast majority face are the risks involved. Far to often we see and hear all the Social Media Fails, and very little on the successes. Its a little like watching Jaws when you’re 10 years old and for the rest of your life fearing the ocean depths of being eaten.

Arguments against range from: “its not in my position description’, ‘its the wrong target audience’, ‘I don’t use Facebook’, ‘you cant measure ROI’, ‘people will say bad things’, ‘it cost a lot’… and it goes on and on.

I’m currently in a situation where Social Media is on the radar but in a very limited way. The business is quite risk averse, and I’m working slowly towards obtaining buy in. In fact I invited our Business System Manager to this event. Sadly, I don’t believe she will be coming. Doh!

What I hope to get out of this event?

  • Tips on how others have overcome objections to social media
  • Understand how other people are reporting on their efforts
  • What new technologies or tools are available to us
  • Networking with like minded professionals
  • Contribute my own experiences to others

If you have an interest in Social Media in relation to Attraction, Engagement and Branding then you should attend.

Next week, a blog on Video and its use in recruitment processes. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to rewind.

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